expat’23 conference will take place at “Colégio do Espírito Santo” of the University of Évora (R. do Cardeal Rei, 6), a XVI century UNESCO World Heritage building right in the heart of the town of Évora, European Capital of Culture in 2027.
The city is very walking friendly and most hotels are located within a short distance from the venue.

The city of Évora offers diversified accommodations within the city walls and suitable for all budgets, from hostels to 5-star hotels, within walking distance of the expat’23 Conference Venue (“Colégio do Espírito Santo” of the University of Évora, R. do Cardeal Rei, 6, link to map).

The expat’23 organization suggests the following hotels in the city centre that offer discounts for the expat’23 participants:

MOURA SUITES HOTEL (4* Hotel) – 10% discount – PromoCode: MSHEXPAT23

THE NOBLE HOUSE (4* Hotel) – 10% discount – PromoCode: EXPAT23_TNH

STAY HOTELS ÉVORA (3* Hotel) – App Stay rate (10% discount on the accommodation price); GreatCorporate rate – 10% direct discount using the code GREATCORP (only requirement: request the invoice in the name of the company); Just Early Booking – all reservations made on the Stay mobile app and website automatically have a 15% discount on the accommodation price, a non-refundable rate

MOOV HOTEL ÉVORA (2* Hotel) – 5% discount (on the standard rate applied at the time of booking on the accommodation regime) – PromoCode: EXPAT23

To benefit from these discounts, the booking process must be carried out directly with the respective hotels.

Évora is easily accessible by train or by bus (Rede Expressos or Flixbus).
From Lisbon, the InterCity (IC) train can be taken at “Lisboa – Oriente”, “Lisboa – Entrecampos” or “Lisboa – Sete Rios” stations (connected with Lisbon Airport by metro or taxi) and takes about 1h30 to reach Évora.
The bus can be taken at “Lisboa (Oriente)” or “Lisboa (Sete Rios)” stations and the journey to Évora also takes about 1h30.
Both the train and the bus stations in Évora are within walking distance of the suggested accommodation and also the expat’23 Conference Venue (“Colégio do Espírito Santo” of the University of Évora, R. do Cardeal Rei, 6).