Best Paper Award

Paper #12

“Flood Management in Urban Drainage: Contributions for the Control of Water Drainage Systems using Underground Barriers”

authored by
Joaquim Leitão, Alberto Cardoso, José Alfeu Marques and Nuno Simões

Best Demo Award (Research/Industry/Health)

Demo #02

“A web GIS-based platform to assist authorities in emergency response using VGI and sensor data”

authored by
Diogo Fontes, Cidália Fonte and Alberto Cardoso

Best Demo Award (Education)

Demo #58

“Experiments on Optical Spectrometry in the VirtualRemoteLab”

authored by
Lars-Jochen Thoms and Raimund Girwidz

Best Demo Award (Disruptive Technology)

Demo #90

“Virtual Transportation for Immersive Systems”

authored by
Bruno Patrão and Paulo Menezes