3rd Experiment@ International Conference

The Experiment@ International Conference 2015 (exp.at’15) is the 3rd event of a conference series which was started at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, in November 2011, followed by the second one hosted by University of Coimbra in September 2013 (http://www.fe.up.pt/exp.at2015).

exp.at’15 will be held at University of Azores (Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal) and it is a joint organization of the University of Porto and the University of Coimbra with the collaboration of the University of Azores and with the technical support of IEEE.

exp.at’15 will continue the biennial event dedicated to online experimentation, contributing to extend the world capabilities in this particular area and to develop collaborative work in emergent technologies, bringing together engineers, researchers and professionals from different areas.

exp.at’15 will promote Online Experimentation (OE) which comprises remote and virtual experimentation as identifiable and accessible objects and their virtual representations in the Internet of Things structure. OE is aided by emergent technologies as those supporting remote experiments, 2D or 3D virtual experiments, augmented reality experiments and their interaction with sensorial devices, live videos and other tools, such as interactive videos and serious games, which promote user immersion in virtual environments recreating the real experience.

exp.at’15 provides a three-day (with a pre- and a post-conference days) forum of discussion and collaboration between academics, researchers, web designers, K-12 teachers and industry, trying to bridge the gap between academic applications and results as well as real world needs and experiences. It offers to the participants an opportunity to present their recent work and experience reports, and to take part in open discussions, in technical sessions, workshops, exhibition sessions, discussion tables and thematic visits in a singular and beautiful region.