Best Paper Award for the paper:
#34 – jLab – Java Based Online Laboratory
Miroslav Gula, Katarína Žáková

Honorable Mention Awards for the papers:
#60 – Mechanics of Homogeneous and Nonhomogeneous Thin Plates: a Symbolic Simulation Platform
Diogo M. S. Costa, M. Amélia R. Loja

#62 – Acoustic Cardiac Signal Analysis – a Toolbox
Paulo Carvalho, Rui Paiva, Jorge Henriques, D. Kumar, R. Couceiro,
T. Sapata, I. Quintal, R. Baptista, M. Antunes

#38 – Feeling the Elastic Force with a Haptic Device: A Learning Experience with K12 and First Year Engineering Students
Diana Urbano, M. Fátima Chouzal, M. Teresa Restivo

Best Demos Award for the demos:
#1 – Archimedes Remote Lab
(1st place in education)
Javier García-Zubía, Ignacio Angulo, G. Martínez-Pieper, D. López de Ipiña, Unai Hernández, Pablo Orduna, Olga Dziabenko, Luis Rodríguez-Gil

#113 – Dynamic Monitoring of Lively Footbridges
(1st place in health & research)
Elsa Caetano, Álvaro Cunha, Carlos Moutinho, Weihua Hu

Honorable Mention Awards for the demos:
#51 – Labicom Labs: RLL, GNSS, Oscilloscope and Generator Remote and Virtual Labs
(1st place in education)
Igor Titov, Alexander Glotov, Igor Vlasov, Jakov Mikolnikov

#98 – Demonstration of the Influence of Human Emotions in Physiological Signals
(1st place in health & research)
Bruno Patrão, João Seabra, Samuel Pedro, Paulo Menezes

Best Paper Award:
#55 – The remote Plasma Nanotecnologies Laboratory for experimental Researches and practical Training
Alexander Zimin, Andrey Shumov, Semen Krivitskiy and Vladislav Troynov

Criteria for the selection of the Best Paper Award:

The Best Paper Selection Committee integrated four members of the Scientific
Committee: António Augusto de Sousa, António Mendes Lopes, Jorge Lobo and José Couto Marques.

A preliminary selection has been carried out based on the comments of the reviewers and the final version of the papers.

The Review Form item list has been taken once more into account, with special emphasis on “Relevance for the Conference”, “Degree of Innovation” and “Technical Quality”.

Papers co-authored by the Conference General Chairs have not been considered.

In the opinion of the Committee, Paper #55 stands out not only in terms of the applied criteria but also in view of the complexity and sophistication of the physical phenomena and experimental equipment involved.

Best Demos Award:
#5 – Online virtual system for straightness evaluation
Maria Teresa Restivo, José Rodrigues, Maria De Fátima Chouzal and Paulo Menezes

#70 – Augmented Chemical Reactions: An Augmented Reality Tool to support Chemistry Teaching
Patrick Maier and Gudrun Klinker

Criteria for the selection of the Best Demos Award:

The Best Demos Selection Juries were organized in order to evaluate the works (Exhibition Session I: Alexander Zimin, Katarina Zakova and Mario Bochicchio; and Exhibition Session II: Liliane Machado, Raivo Sell and Igor Titov) and the final result was the weighted average between the jury evaluation and that of the participants.

The jury of each Exhibition Session has been evaluating the Demos according to the following criteria:
– suitability of topic to the call;
– quality of the product in regards to its targeted audience;
– quality of presentation;
– technical correctness and completeness;
– online availability and possibility of reuse at home and at school or workplace;
– innovation.

The participants, excluding authors and co-authors of the demos present in the current session, were also free of evaluating, too.

The final result has been defined by the average coming from these two components.